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nerd. is a movement to take back the word nerd. to empower everyone to embrace who they truly are and to feel confident in themselves. no one should be made fun of for being themselves or feel like they must pretend to be something they are not just to fit in. everyone is unique in their own way, and we should all embrace that.

our solution

we set up a fund that provides gaming equipment to high schools so that they can start an esports program. gaming is an activity that is inclusive to all: where everyone can play together and have a sense of community. the impact a high school esports program can have on kids is life changing. 68% of the kids that join esports programs are not currently involved in any other sport or program at their school. GPA among participants is raised by an average of 1.2. school attendance raises 12%. esports programs have such a positive effect because it’s often the first time these kids have a sense of belonging, and we at nerd. want to spread that sense of belonging to everyone.

our funding

we cannot achieve our goal of bringing a sense of belonging to everyone without your help. you can join the nerd. movement in two ways. you can sign up to make a monthly contribution directly to our fund, or you can help raise awareness by wearing our branded apparel where 10% of the proceeds from each order is sent into our fund. you might not notice $5 coming out of your account every month, but that $5 will be noticed by the kids whose lives you helped change.